Can anyone tell me about AOL Desktop Gold?

(Chris Woakes)
Опубликовано: 14.10.2021 (2 недели назад)
Alpharetta, GA

AOL Desktop Gold is an improvised version of AOL Desktop. After the company stopped the previous version, they introduced this with a wide range of features that are more beneficial for the users. It is a single platform where users can do a lot more than just mailing. This platform acts as a Search engine where users can search about anything without leaving the platform. They can access good content related to any genre and access their mails at the same time. The best part of this unified platform is-

  • It is completely secure for users. They prevent the account from hackers and spammers.
  • It updates itself automatically without any manual intervention. This means you don’t need to update the software if there are any bugs. It will update itself as soon as a new update is released.

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